Depending on where in the project life cycle your project currently is, your financial model is required to have different functionality. This webinar reviews the various components required at each stage to give you increased confidence when preparing a fit-for-purpose financial model for feasibility analysis, a financing transaction, a valuation, or for report of financial performance.

Key learning points

  • Strengthen your understanding of the analytical differences between the different life cycle stages of a solar project
  • Learn which components of a financial model are essential and which are optional at each stage
  • Get inspiration for new functionality you may not be aware of for your next model
  • Understand the importance of flexibility and transparency in a solar project model

Modelling examples are from the Corality Academy, and the experiences shared are from Mazars Global Infrastructure Finance.

This is an extract from the Corality Academy – click here for our Global Course Schedule



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Webinar by Rickard Wärnelid