The Levelised Cost of Electricity (LCOE), sometimes referred to as Levelised Energy Cost (LEC), is an essential metric in the world of electricity generation. This webinar will demonstrate how to best calculate the metric in a financial model and illustrate a number of common pitfalls to avoid.

Learning take-aways

  • Understand the correlation between operational parameters and the LCOE
  • Develop a robust understanding of the calculation components of LCOE
  • Define the applicable discount rates for LCOE calculations
  • Link your LCOE calculations scenario analysis for common sense checking of your model
  • Using LCOE as a comparator between generation technologies – avoiding pitfalls.

Examples will be drawn for both solar and wind projects, as well as comparison with fossil-fuel fired thermal generation. Modelling examples are from the Corality Academy, and the experiences shared are from Mazars Global Infrastructure Finance.

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Webinar by David Donnelly