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Mastering Excel with VBA

1 day duration

Explore Excel from a different dimension through Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) and impress stakeholders with rapid, robust and powerful spreadsheet and financial model solutions. VBA will help you unlock the potential for unlimited functionality in Excel, develop powerful business analysis, save you time through the automation of repetitive tasks and enhance the experience of all users.

Mastering Excel with VBA gives you full access to all the secrets of VBA and will take your Excel skills to new heights.

Key learning

  • Impress stakeholders with rapid, robust and powerful business analysis
  • Automate repetitive tasks for you and your colleagues to save hours of work
  • Use VBA to enhance the user experience of spreadsheet or financial model tasks

What you will take away from this course

  • Unlock the potential of VBA for unlimited functionality
  • Familiarise and get comfortable in the macro environment within Excel
  • Learn how to effectively build VBA macros from original code rather than recording
  • Develop techniques for debugging and reviewing VBA code

Is this programme for you?

Yes, this course is for you if you want to get the skills and confidence to write your own Excel macros using VBA code and expand your analytical skill set beyond standard Excel functionality. Previous course participants include accountants, CPA’s, CFA’s, consultants, managers, analysts and financial model developers.