Financial Modelling Techniques for Real Estate Development

Development of real estate

projects require detailed financial analysis of construction, operations and financing to ensure that returns targets are met and that there is confidence in projected results. This course provides you with a financial modelling skill set to enable you to tackle more complex development that may not fit into standard templates or software.

This highly interactive course is delivered with a mix of interactive case-study based financial modelling, theoretical concepts and demonstration of best-practice techniques and solutions, all with real estate project analysis as a contextual background.

By linking the content over two days to a fictional real estate case study, the concepts and techniques covered in the course will be linked to a realistic situation which ensures that the techniques demonstrated can be put into action by participants immediately after the course completion.

All financial modelling will be developed using Corality™ Financial Modelling, and all techniques are compatible with the content of our other courses, delivered to over 10,000 participants all over the world.

This interactive, real estate focused financial modelling course will enable you to:

  • Develop new financial models from scratch Corality™ Financial Modelling
  • Master the analysis of more complex real estate development project, to avoid being limited by templates or software
  • Construct flexible funding and investment arrangements and ratio analysis to enable comprehensive analysis
  • Master time saving techniques including scenario management and data tables
  • Understand how to structure debt calculations in both construction and operations
  • Analyse financial return metrics and how they are impacted by key drivers in the project

Pre-course knowledge

While no pre-course modelling knowledge is strictly required, it is expected that participants have a good handle on Excel prior to attending the course. Upon registration you are entitled to our introductory material on Excel functions which will give you the confidence and skills to fully absorb the contents of this course.