Financial Modelling for Mining Projects

Financial Modelling for Mining Projects

3 day duration

Financial Modelling for Mining Projects training course will assist you to progress your skills to efficiently develop, modify and analyse financial models for mining projects. Get the skills to develop robust financial models that can stand up to the scrutiny of any audience, from internal operations to bankers and JV partners.

Designed to appeal to analysts, managers, senior managers, associate directors and CFOs from natural resource companies (i.e., iron ore, gold, coal, diamonds), this training course covers topics such as the reserve life cover ratio (RLLR), sensitivity analysis, breakdown price analysis, funding mechanics, operational and investment metrics.

Financial modelling course: from blank Excel spreadsheet to full model

This course provides hands-on experience in how to go from a blank Excel workbook to a bankable cash flow model suitable for investment scenario evaluation. You will take part in an interactive discussion on how project finance bankers and investors would analyse your project. You will gain a deep understanding of the flexibility required in scenario analysis.

Financial Modelling for Mining Projects will enable you to

  • Master best practice techniques for financial modelling of mining projects to achieve flexibility and robustness
  • Build a flexible and powerful scenario manager to analyse your project’s sensitivity to key drivers
  • Prepare trusted analysis of commercial outputs tailored to investors and financiers, with a focus on valuation and risk
  • Develop flexible funding structures for analysis of project finance debt and other funding sources
  • Learn from Mazars professional modelling consultants’ powerful Excel shortcuts recommendations

Do you work with financial models in the mining sector?

If you are working in the mining sector and have frequent challenges with financial models, then this training course is for you. The training course content is suitable for anyone who needs to build, review or analyse project models within the mining sector, either for internal investments/operations/strategy, project finance transactions or greenfield development analysis.

Typical attendees include to analysts, managers, senior managers, associate directors and CFOs from natural resource companies.

We recommend an understanding of Excel, finance and the mining sector

It is expected that participants have a previous exposure to Excel in a financial modelling context, and foundation knowledge of investment concepts such as NPV and cash flows.

Best practice financial modelling courses

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