What is Corality Financial Modelling?

Corality is a highly-regarded and internationally accepted financial modelling methodology which, by promoting the implementation of an intuitive best practice structure and the discipline of a rigorous quality process, empowers professionals and organisations to optimise and extract maximum value from their analytical reporting tools.

The Corality Financial Modelling methodology endorses the application of an increased level of standardisation for model architecture, visually-appealing presentational elements and elegantly simple calculation logic. Concurrently it seeks to avoid many of the compromising mechanics or overlays which can limit the flexibility for individual adaption by the end-user.

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Guiding Themes

Corality is grounded in six themes, defining the ultimate objectives of a financial modelling methodology.

Through adherence to the six themes, you can ensure that your financial models are optimised to the requirements of the decision makes while also making sure it it future-proof.

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