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Public training courses

The Corality Training Academy presents courses in financial modelling, project finance and general Excel training to finance professionals around the world. Developed by our founders and specialists, our courses give you access to in-depth industry expertise and experience.

All our courses are 100% hands-on and presented by our expert trainers and consultants who are all industry practitioners. Class sizes are capped at 12 people per course.

  • Fast track your career through hands-on coaching from our industry specialists
  • Work faster and with improved quality
  • Benefit from on-going education through our extensive library of tutorials and industry blogs

Course portfolio

Advanced acquisition structures and merger modelling

Financial modelling of merger and acquisition structures are amongst the most complex situations in corporate finance modelling. This one-day course will see you master and correctly incorporate advanced corporate finance analysis and special acquisition and merger events.

Business Analytics in Excel

Excel is the world’s leading tool for data manipulation, analysis, management and reporting. This course brings an end to ineffective Excel usage by providing a structured step-by-step approach to the analytical process.

Diploma Series

Excel proficiency is a prerequisite for most professional occupations and a stepping stone to significant career progression. This training programme will help you master essential Excel functionality, short-cuts and tricks.

Best Practice Project Finance Modelling

Improve your ability to construct, review or analyse project finance models at all levels. Get the tools you need to build and sensitise robust and transparent cashflow based financial models and dramatically increase your Excel efficiency.

Financial Modelling for Mining Projects

Get the skills to efficiently model and analyse a mining project and develop robust financial models that stand up to the scrutiny of any audience, from internal operations to bankers and JV partners.

International Project Finance

This best in class course will let you master the rigorous process of structuring a project finance transaction and provide the invaluable tools required for the negotiation of financial, operational and legal risks to secure the execution.

Petroleum Engineering for Financiers

For the petroleum-focused financier, this course breaks down the technical and theoretical barriers of a complex industry. Investigate the processes undertaken from origination right through to refining, become jargon-savvy and understand how all elements assist in making informed financing decisions.

Essential Project Finance Debt Modelling

Project finance debt modelling essentials collated into a powerful one day course. Perfect as a refresher, comprehensive introduction or improver course – this course covers all the important elements and theory required to integrate debt into a project finance model.

Mastering Valuation and Acquisition Modelling

Financial modelling of valuations for acquisitions and investments sits at the core of all M&A activity. This course will help you reduce the chance of error by clarifying the lifecycle of the M&A process and teach you how to build a complete acquisition model.

Mastering Excel with VBA

Impress stakeholders with rapid, robust and powerful spreadsheet and financial model solutions. Learn how to write your own Excel macros using VBA code and automate repetitive task to save hours of work and enhance the user experience.

Financial Modelling for Renewable Energy Projects

Develop powerful modelling and analytical solutions to key operating challenges in renewable energy financial modelling. Cut through industry jargon, bad modelling practices and risky model structuring to bring clarity to your decision-making.

Advanced Project Finance Modelling

Extend your project finance modelling knowledge and learn to master advanced debt structures, integrated three-way modelling, reserve accounts and many additional techniques which put you in control of the transaction.

Financial Modelling for Oil & Gas Projects

Understand and learn how to model the very unique activities and concepts of the oil and gas industry, including build or lease optionality, drilling and reserve considerations and petroleum tax intricacies amongst others.

Graduate Training Programme

Microsoft Excel is a key tool for business reporting. Yet, most employees have never received any formalised Excel training. We have developed our Graduate Training Programme to help organisations improve their Excel and financial modelling standards from the ground up. Our objectives are to remove bad habits and practices, and ensure the development of best practice financial models organisation-wide.

Hands-on courses, small class sizes, delivered by industry specialists’

Corality’s public courses are regularly scheduled across major cities globally. Attending a Corality course means you will enjoy highly personalised coaching and we encourage you to bring your own problems and discussion points to make the course even more relevant for you.

More about our public course scheduleContact Corality: contact@corality.com

should attend

Corality’s courses are developed and designed to suit the needs of:

  • Analysts
  • Investment bankers
  • Project finance professionals
  • Corporate finance professionals
  • Business analysts
  • Senior management

Haven’t found the course
you are looking for?

Corality’s tailored in-house training caters specifically to our clients’ needs. Our extensive library of training materials, along with the experience of our professional trainers, ensures we can tailor and develop courses that are carefully mapped to suit each organisation’s exact requirements.

  • Delivered worldwide
  • Content developed based on individual requirements
  • Course format and duration tailored to individual requirements
  • Expert trainers, hand-picked for your course

More about in-house training

Client Testimonials

Having used or worked in the past with the bigger corporate finance training houses, it has become clear that the UK and Europe’s best modelling and project finance course provider is based in Australia…..Corality trainers are expert modellers and true project finance professionals, continuously engaged with actual project finance model build assignments. Their trainers do not expand on the theories of project finance, they go straight to the essential – how to structure a transaction and how to model it, rapidly, with clarity and deliver flawless presentation of outputs.

Mateo Celi-Cadieeux, EDF

The Corality training not only gives our team a consistent approach and tools for creating financial models, but is invaluable in interpreting and analysing models created by other parties.

Cheryl Tan, Azure Capital

A number of our team have attended the project finance modelling course with Corality and have been richly rewarded by the trainer’s level of expertise and value of techniques taught. The course has changed the way we develop and structure our models, particularly in being more robust, transparent and logical. I HIGHLY recommend their financial modelling courses to anyone that develops or uses cashflow models and would like to see noticeable improvement in their financial modelling skills.

Jonathan Ho, Port Hedland Port Authority

Corality’s course was very useful. It was well structured, allowed for plenty of content as well as time to ask questions. A good framework for adopting a best industry methodology, not just learning excel tricks.

Tanya Delicompagni, Westpac


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