Online financial modelling training


At Corality we have a vision of becoming the best provide in the market for financial modelling solutions – from highly tailored financial modelling development projects to online training courses.

We will be moving into the online delivery mode in 2016 and are now taking pre-registrations of interest so that we can keep you in the loop as we progress our development.

Learn financial modelling online!

Financial modelling training courses from Wallstreet Prep available for online learning

All online training courses below are powered by Wall Street Prep, Corality's investment banking training partner.

Oil & Gas Financial Modelling

Complete online financial modelling training for the O&G professional.

Learn NAV, DCF, LBO, M&A, and Financial Statement modelling.

Online oil and gas financial modelling course


Real Estate Modelling (REIT)

Understand the real estate industry’s unique drivers and challenges.

Learn in an online format how to build a REIT financial model from scratch.

Online real estate financial modelling course


Restructuring Modelling

Learn restructuring modelling using real bankruptcy case studies. 

Includes industry primer and an advanced bankruptcy model.

Online restructuring financial modelling course


Bank and FIG Modelling

Banks don’t look like other companies.

Learn how to model, analyse, and value them, step-by-step.

Online bank and FIG financial modelling course


Advanced LBO Modelling

Online financial modelling courses for investment bankers and private equity professionals.

Learn how to build, analyse and interpret advanced LBO models. 

Online advanced LBO financial modelling course


Excel Crash Course

Online training courses for those who are new to (or rusty with) Excel. 

Lessons cover all Windows versions of Excel.

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Accounting Crash Course

This course is designed for those with no accounting background as well as those seeking a refresher.

Online accounting crash course


Analysing Financial Reports

Learn the layout and composition of financial reports. 

Covers the 10-K, 10-Q, 8-K, S-4, S-1, and many others.

Online analysing financial reports course

Learn financial modelling online!

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