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Best Practice Financial Modelling

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Designed to appeal to bankers, advisors, institutional investors and project sponsors, Best Practice Financial Modelling is essential to improve your ability to build, review or analyse models at all levels.
Best Practice Financial Modelling will give you the tools you need to build and sensitise robust and transparent cashflow based financial models and dramatically increase your Excel efficiency. During this two day financial modelling course you will, under personal coaching from our expert trainer, build your own financial model from scratch using SMART, Corality’s globally proven modelling methodology.

You will learn the modelling principles and structured approach that are applicable in both Corporate Finance and Project Finance, and across industries including Mining, Oil & Gas, Power, Renewable Energy, Real Estate and Infrastructure. 

This financial modelling course will enable you to

  • Achieve consistent and accurate outputs using SMART best practice modelling
  • Learn efficient modelling techniques to deliver more analysis, faster and more accurately Master time saving techniques including scenario management and data tables
  • Construct flexible debt repayment functionality and ratio analysis
  • Learn from professional financial modellers and leading developments in transaction modelling

Who should attend this course focused on project finance models?

This course is suitable for anyone who needs to build, review or analyse financial models. Typical attendees include Analysts, Managers, Senior Managers and Associate Directors.

Pre-course knowledge 

While no pre-course modelling knowledge is strictly required, it is expected that participants have a good handle on Excel prior to attending the course. Upon registration you are entitled to our introductory material on Excel functions which will give you the confidence and skills to fully absorb the contents of this course.


Course outline

Day 1 - Setup and commence development of a project finance model

Introduction to project finance analysis

  • Understand the key principles of project finance analysis
  • Learn and discuss why getting the financial model right is so important
  • Learn the characteristics of a model that will survive in a live deal environment

Principles of best practice methodology 

  • Understand how to use our Corality modelling methodology 
  • Good vs. bad Excel modelling: workshop and case studies on poor and best practices 
  • Create a corporate standard: use custom Styles to standardise your layout and communication
  • Keyboard vs. mouse: learn the essential tools and short-cuts to faster, efficient Excel use

Develop a model layout and structure that is robust and scalable

  • Understand how by using methodology, models are easily navigated and readily checked
  • Master efficient use of range names
  • Boost user confidence by building in checks to make it easier to review

Build in a flexible construction phase

  • Learn how to allow rapidly dynamic construction calculations
  • Construct an easy to understand sources and uses during construction table
  • Discuss the different methods that can be used for construction calculations 

Understand the cashflow waterfall

  • Learn about the order of the cashflows and how to quickly sense check
  • Discuss how to incorporate senior debt into cashflow
  • Understand what elements are important to different stakeholders

Day 2 - Finalise the model and build scenarios

Build operational cashflows
  • Model discuss how escalation is modelled and impacts cashflows
  • Build a re-usable structure of volume and price calculations to determine revenue
  • Discuss and construct operational costs, both fixed and variable 
Incorporate a typical project finance debt facility 
  • Learn about annuity repayment and how to incorporate it into the model
  • Calculate and discuss typical project finance covenants 
  • Discuss alternative debt repayment methods

Calculate and discuss measures important to other stakeholders

  • Understand and calculate project and equity returns (NPV and IRR)
  • Know when to use a payback calculation to approximate a sweep
  • Analyse the impact of gearing on returns

Build a powerful scenario manager

  • Save critical time and deliver rapid analysis using our approach to scenario management
  • Transform scenarios into yet another way to test the model in all scenarios all of the time
  • Build confidence in your analysis through pre-programmed combinations of model inputs

Know and avoid the easy mistakes that you can make

  • Avoid the common errors made in calculating the key project finance ratios and cashflows
  • Understand how to incorporate self-checks into all of your analysis
  • Learn the tricks of the trade to rapidly identify a wide range of errors


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