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Webinar: Financial Modelling and Analysis of Levelised Cost of Electricity

Learning take-aways Understand the correlation between operational parameters and the LCOE Develop a robust understanding of the calculation components of LCOE  Define the applicable discount rates for LCOE calculations Link your L...

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Webinar: Infrastructure Analysis - Financial Modelling of Cash Sweep

Learning take-aways Understand the rationale for cash sweeps from the perspectives of debt and equity Develop insights into conceptual calculations of cash sweep in a financial model Learn to identify common mistakes in cash sweep modelling ...

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Webinar: Financial Modelling and Analysis of M&A in the Mining Sector

Learning take-aways Understand the requirement of model flexibility for project stress testing for commodity pricing, cash costs and contingencies Learn more about project and equity valuations through the mining lifecycle Get insights aroun...

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Webinar: Functional requirements in a Bankable Financial Model for a Solar Project

Key learning points Strengthen your understanding of the analytical differences between the different lifecycle stages of a solar project Learn which components of a financial model are essential and which are optional at each stage Get i...

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Improve your financial model with best practice Index-linked bonds

In the same way a business would look to mitigate interest rates and currency risks, issuers and debtholders may want to shield against the risk of unexpected change in inflation rates. In this scenario, they have the option to use index-linked debt and swaps.  Wha...

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