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10 SMART Guidelines for financial modelling - the complete handbook

The complete 10 SMART Guidelines series is now available. Download the handbook and start creating SMART financial models today.

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Using goal seek macro to achieve maximum debt limit

This tutorial demonstrates how the maximum debt limit can be solved based on a target debt service cover ratio (DSCR) when modelling a project finance project. This exercise indicates the maximum debt size that can be supported by a certain cash flow available for debt service (CFADS) profile.

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Financial modelling case study - ModelOff 'Purple City'

Well done to all the participants who were through to the second round of the ModelOff 2014 Financial Modelling World Championships! Last week, we provided solutions to the questions from ModelOff 2014, Financial Modelling World Championships round one – Precise Debt Modelling and Dealing with Data. This week, I will walk you through a solution for the 'Purple City' case study, featured in Round two.

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ModelOff round one recap

Round one has just finished. How did you go? Read the recap to discover how you went and where you can improve in time for round two.

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