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We build powerful and flexible financial models

Every day poorly developed financial models cause frustration across all industry sectors; inconsistent methodologies, integrity errors, complicated formulae, circularities and monster models so big and complicated they bring otherwise tough executives to tears! These inconsistent, complex and overall error ridden models cause pain for analysts, investors, strategists, bankers , CFO’s and CEO’s alike.

Corality has chosen to do something about it. Our specialist dedication in financial modelling has resulted in the development of methodologies, working processes and quality control frameworks which benefit our clients with consistent and reliable outputs. We have a simple view of how financial models should work, and live by the following rules every day.

  • Financial models should be easy to use
  • Financial models should put you in control through powerful scenario and what-if analysis
  • Financial models should look just as good as your corporate presentations

Over the years we have developed our own financial modelling methodology, SMART. SMART is internationally recognised for effective and professional financial modelling and it allows us, and our followers, to make the world of financial modelling a happier place.

  • Corality Financial Group - Graph Images
    Presentation: consistent sheet structure
  • Corality Financial Group - Graph Images
    Flexibility: powerful scenario manager
  • Corality Financial Group - Graph Images
    Presentation: impove navigation through well-defined hierachy of headings
  • Corality Financial Group - Graph Images
    Transparency: break up long formulae
  • Corality Financial Group - Graph Images
    Flexibility: using conditionally formatted binary flags
  • Corality Financial Group - Graph Images
    Transparency: no hard coding

For more information about how we drive the development of global best practice financial modelling, please read more about SMART financial modelling

Financial models should be easy to use

We build financial models that make it easy for time poor decision makers to access the information needed to make decisions with confidence. Corporate managers, bankers, strategists and investors all need powerful and easy-to-use financial models to support their financial, strategic or operational analysis. If you don’t have absolute confidence in the financial models developed by your internal analysts or external advisors or bankers, Corality can assist and put you back in control.

Financial models should put you in control through powerful scenario and what-if analysis

At Corality we believe that scenario analysis should be performed easily and quickly by decision makers without the need for complex and time consuming Excel work or support by analysts. The world constantly changes and with it the markets all businesses operate in. A flexible financial model with a powerful scenario manager minimises the risk for slow analysis and human errors and results in more informed decisions and better long term results.

Need to ask other people or teams to run scenarios for you? Not with a Corality financial model – ask us for a demonstration of our revolutionary Scenario Management techniques.

Financial models should look just as good as your corporate presentations

Financial models are central communication and marketing tools. It is what underpins stakeholder communication at all levels including communication with investors, banks and Board of Directors. Corality combines extensive modelling and industry expertise with professional presentation to facilitate effective stakeholder communication and improve the confidence of all users. We believe that if a model looks sharp then somebody has taken the time to ensure everything is working properly too, giving you more confidence and a more successful outcome.

How can Corality improve your financial models?

Corality is a global financial modelling consulting firm. We use our knowledge, passion and experience in the area of financial modelling to develop long term partnerships with our clients through a range of projects and services. We know how to develop a suitable solution for every situation and you can rely on and leverage this experience when we work together.

  • Transaction financial models (PPP/PFI, Private Equity, Project Finance, M&A, LBO/MBO)
  • Valuation models for take-over defence, acquisitions or financing
  • Project finance model development and transaction support through to financial close
  • Operational analysis models for inventory, processes, commercial, contracts, pricing and order management
  • Forecasting models for regulated assets
  • Operational expenditure models for cost driver analysis
  • Conversion of bid models or transaction models to operational models with actuals
  • Template financial models for corporate use (M&A, Project finance, investments, screening models, cashflow forecasting)
  • Portfolio models for consolidated forecasting across a portfolio of assets, divisions or geographies
  • Development of client specific financial models and development of training courses for your team in efficient use of the model
  • Strategic key driver analysis workshops
  • Rolling forecast models
  • Development of suites of financial models to facilitate existing processes (capital allocation, investments, budgeting, order management, inventory, production, operations)
  • Development of template models and implementation of best-practice financial modelling standards increasing the quality of financial modelling teams in corporates and banks
  • Working capital models and analysis to facilitate financing decisions

Financial Modelling Credentials

Hassad Australia Hassad Australia is the local arm of Hassad Foods and manages a growing portfolio of farm properties.

Corality’s RoleBudget modelling, cashflow forecasting and analysis, livestock production forecasting, pastoral production & feedcurve modelling

Norton Gold Fields LimitedNorton Gold Fields Limited (ASX: NGF) is a mid-tier, un-hedged gold producer with annual production in excess of 150,000oz.

Corality’s RoleIn-house training, corporate financial model build, strategic modelling, model risk reviews

IntegraIntegra poured first gold from its flagship Randalls Gold Project in September 2010. The company boasts a proven discovery track record, a 2.1 million ounce gold resource base and an aggressive growth strategy targeting annual gold production of 140,000 oz.

Corality’s RoleConstruction of a bankable mode for the Randall’s Gold Project

Desertec Industrial Initiative“Desertec Industrial Initiative” stands for the overall vision of supplying a large part of the world with sustainable power, by tapping the energy potential of the desert.

Corality’s Role Strategic and evaluation modelling

Leighton ContractorsLeighton Contractors is part of the Leighton Holdings Group which is one of Australia’s most recognised engineering and construction services companies.

Corality’s RolePPP modelling, PPP model audits, tailored in-house training

BDO Stoy HaywardBDO Stoy Hayward is the UK member firm of BDO, the world’s fifth largest accountancy network, providing access to more than 1,000 offices across the globe.

Corality’s RoleCashflow forecasting model build for distressed assets

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