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Australia's $1bn clean energy fund fuels the need for financial modelling


The new fund will receive the money over a decade from the $10bn in borrowings already allocated to the Clean Energy Finance Corporation. The fund will target projects that had gone beyond the research and development stage but were not yet sufficiently established to attract private sector capital – for example, large-scale solar storage, offshore energy, biofuels and smart grids.

“The new clean energy fund provides increased energy to the already strong Australian clean energy sector. Given Corality’s strong position in financial modelling for wind, energy and hydro projects, this provides us with increased confidence for 2016/17”

Peter Weatherston
Managing Director APAC

The financing process of a renewable energy project requires detailed financial modelling and analysis at various stages including bid submissions, equity raising and debt project finance. The level of analysis required for bid submission sometimes exceeds the expectations of traditional energy developers. Peter Weatherston expands:

“Many participants in the renewable energy market are unfamiliar with the financial modelling requirements from ARENA, CEEFC and project finance banks and need assistance in preparing the financial projections for external stakeholders.”

Peter Weatherston
Managing Director APAC

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