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What We Do


Dedicated to exceptional financial modelling

Delivering discipline and confidence to the world of financial modelling

Financial institutions, investment banks, project developers and senior management teams rely on us. Globally.

We lead the world in financial modelling and forecasting, helping our clients with investments, financial transactions, strategic planning and operational analysis. Our teams specialise by sector, consulting to industry leaders in the natural resources, infrastructure, power and renewable energy industries. This blend of dedicated modelling expertise and industry specialisation gives our clients insightful commercial advice and superior technical solutions. It's why our clients become long-term partners, as together we build efficient and robust models that underpin critical decisions and support productive teams.

Work with financial models you can trust

Do you understand the risk you may have in your financial model?

Work with financial models you can trust

Errors in financial models are a global risk factor. Every day complex black box models are used for critical business decisions, with enormous risks for all stakeholders. At Corality we are determined to improve this situation, and work with you to develop tailored financial models which are transparent, robust and flexible, or to audit your models to improve the integrity and analytical insights before it is too late.

We understand the transaction space

Core focus: Project finance, PPP/PFI, M&A and private equity

We understand the transaction space

Working with bankers, investors and advisors requires significant transaction experience to ensure a successful outcome. Our global team includes investment professionals, project finance bankers and corporate advisors giving us full insight into your transaction processes. We know how to work to your timeframe, manage your stakeholders and talk the language of your financial partners.

We develop bespoke transaction models and provide model audit services with pragmatic commercial reports for banks, governments, sponsors and investors.

We implement financial modelling standards

Consistency and transparency ensures trust and confidence

We implement financial modelling standards

Many organisations suffer from a lack of standardisation with regards to 'financial modelling language'. This impacts transparency, integrity and operational efficiency of an organisation's processes, resulting in incorrect analytical insights, poor business decisions, poor staff morale and frustrations within management.

Combining our Consulting services and Training Academy, we implement SMART financial modelling, the leading standard for financial forecasting, investments and operational analysis.