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International Project Finance

Duration: 3 days

Take your project finance career to the next level. Succeed in project finance with a structured approach to ensure transaction execution all the way to financial close. Learn a proven framework for financial structuring and risk analysis, that will help ensure a successful outcome.

International Project Finance uses a combination of theory, case studies and interactive exercises to showcase industry best practice, conventions and common mistakes and give you all the tools you need to take your project finance career to a new level.

This highly interactive workshop is delivered by a currently active project finance professional with extensive industry experience who is able to demonstrate and explain the various perspectives, and stimulate discussion to explore the various concepts in detail.


This course will enable you to
  • Strengthen every step of the project finance process and increase the certainty of success
  • Gain confidence in detailed negotiations through in depth discussion of industry case studies
  • Learn how to use a structured risk allocation process from the point of view of all stakeholders
  • Develop financing structures to ensure a robust outcome, even in tough times
  • Develop checklists for key stages of the project financing process
Who should attend this course?

This course has been designed to suit an audience from a wide range of professions including Investment Bankers, Lawyers, Advisors and Project Finance Professionals.

Course outline

Understand the foundations of the project finance industry, recent developments and trends

  • Learn about industries involved, emerging industries and the differences between them
  • Review past project finance success stories and failures
  • Understand the strengths of project finance and drivers for its use

Project Finance process walkthrough using real life case studies

  • Understand the different phases of Construction, Completion and Operations and the objectives of each
  • Discuss the challenges of making it to financial close
  • Review and discuss real life case studies

Discuss the key parties in a transaction and their respective optimal outcomes

  • Discuss the key parties and the role they play
  • Analyse the motivations and concerns of parties and the effect this has on the project
  • Look closely into the role of investors in the project finance process

Develop skills in structuring and negotiation of key commercial and financial terms

  • Learn the stages in the structuring and negotiation process
  • Achieve stronger negotiation and structuring skills

Key risks in a project and how they are handled

  • Identify the key risks
  • Discuss the structuring techniques of the financial risks
  • Learn about structuring of other key risks

Examine different types of funding sources and their impact on financing structures

  • Appreciate the different funding sources
  • Learn how the source effects the risk profile
  • Understand the advantages of each and the differences in implementation

Project Finance Analysis and assessment

  • Review the components of due diligence and what they address
  • Discover the importance of the financial model
  • Gain key credit analysis skills and an approach to assessing and modelling a project

Applications of the lessons learnt

  • Discuss what can go wrong and how to deal with it
  • Review project finance case studies based on real life transactions
  • Look at the future perspective of project finance


Australasian course bookings: +61 2 9229 7400
EMEA / South American / US & Canada course bookings: +44 20 7947 4019

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