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Renewable Energy

Corality’s global experience in the renewable energy sector gives our clients and their investors increased transparency and confidence in business plans, cashflow forecasts and investment decisions.

Corality is a global leader in the field of financial modelling for renewable energy projects. Our wide-ranging experience is based on a large number of global projects, including Indonesian geothermal, Vietnamese Jatropha biofuels, South-African solar, Spanish wind farms, Australian biomass, Nepalese hydro and Swedish on-shore wind farms.

Working with boutique renewable energy project developers as well as global energy giants, we provide powerful and transparent financial modelling services, hands-on transaction support services and no-nonsense, best practice financial model audits.

Developing renewable energy projects

The renewable energy sector typically requires more comprehensive analysis and financial modelling than a project of similar investment size in a traditional energy sector. This is due to the ‘education’ required to investors and financiers regarding the renewable energy project, but also in part to the greater risk in operational parameters.

The volatility of key operational drivers such as wind capacity, solar efficiency, fuel quality and thermal heat, fundamentally requires more comprehensive analysis, frequently involving Monte-Carlo simulation techniques. Corality’s services to developers of a renewable energy project include:

  • Financial models suitable for scenario analysis of production probability cases (e.g. P50-P75-P90)
  • Development of bankable financial models for project finance facilities
  • Pricing and sourcing PPA (Power Purchase Agreement)
  • Development of operational financial models with actuals and rolling forecast functionality
  • Preparation of Information Memorandum and tender documents
  • Powerful and robust financial modelling extensions and improvements for existing models
  • Critical scenario and what-if analysis and option modelling
  • Project structuring (JV/costs/financing alternatives/markets)
Managing a portfolio of renewable energy projects

For clients with one or several renewable energy projects already in production, Corality’s development services are supported by the following services for asset management, refinancing and M&A analysis.

  • Development of renewable energy portfolio models for acquisition analysis
  • Incorporation of actual performance in existing financial models
  • Valuation services of renewable energy projects or portfolio
  • Operational performance analysis across a portfolio
  • ERP importing interfaces to financial models for more efficient reporting
Renewable energy – transaction support
  • Introduction to project finance banks and equity partners
  • Preparation of RFP compliant bid models
  • Structuring of M&A transactions and valuations expertise
  • Execution services for project finance transactions
  • Model audit/independent model reviews
  • Refinancing analysis for key projects or the whole portfolio of projects

Renewable energy Credentials

GEGeneral Electric (GE) is a multinational conglomerate corporation with over 60,000 employees, ranked 3rd largest company on the Forbes Global 2000. GE Capital is the financial services unit.

Corality’s RoleConsulting and transaction support services, financial modelling, preparing project documentation, and risk reviews

ACCIONAACCIONA is a global leader in the development and management of renewable energy, infrastructure and water services.

Corality’s RoleProject finance debt modelling, transaction support, training

EDF Energies NouvellesEDF Energies Nouvelles is a leader in the production of renewable energy. The company develops, installs and operates green electricity power plants, mainly in Europe and North America, primarily for its own owner-operator account and for third parties.

Corality’s RoleTransaction Support and Modelling

Desertec Industrial Initiative“Desertec Industrial Initiative” stands for the overall vision of supplying a large part of the world with sustainable power, by tapping the energy potential of the desert.

Corality’s RoleStrategic and evaluation modelling

IDCIDC is a national development finance institution set up to promote economic growth and industrial development in South Africa.

Corality’s RoleInfrastructure evaluation and funding modelling

First Gen CorporationFirst Gen Corporation is the leading clean and renewable energy company in the Philippines with an installed capacity of 2,763 MW. It accounts for approximately 18% of total installed capacity in the country today.

Corality’s RoleTailored in-house training (Best-practice modelling and project finance)

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