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Nick Crawley

Free e-Book: ‘Equator Principles’

The Equator Principles are a financial industry benchmark to determine and manage social and environmental risk in project financing. The principles are based on the International Finance Corporation (affiliate of the World Bank) performance standards on social and environmental sustainability.

In this e-book we cover

  • An overview of the Equator Principles
  • The parties involved
  • A detailed description of the principles

The Governance Rules outline ten principles with which projects must comply in order to be financed. They are qualitatively based and assessed by social and environmental experts. These principles are named

  1. Review and Categorisation
  2. Social and Environmental Assessment
  3. Applicable Social and Environmental Standards
  4. Action Plan and Management System
  5. Consolidation and Disclosure
  6. Grievance Mechanism
  7. Independent Review
  8. Covenants
  9. Independent Monitoring and Reporting
  10. EPFI Reporting
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