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SMART. Confidence when it counts.

SMART financial models enable smart decisions

SMART financial models enable smart decisions

Hard coding. Circular references. Black box formulae. External links. Poor referencing. They're everyone's worst nightmare.

We all know a bad spreadsheet when we see one. They contain black boxes full of messy calculations and hard coding that makes modelling results confusing, unreliable or simply wrong. It’s easy to blame Excel for incorrect financial projections, failed investments and poor decisions. At Corality we know different. We believe Excel is an exceptionally powerful platform for financial forecasting and scenario analysis if you use it with guiding rules to create consistency, transparency and flexibility. It’s time to raise the bar.

That’s why we developed SMART.

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Consistent quality, meaningful comparisons

Take the risk out of modelling with a common set of guiding rules

Consistent quality, meaningful comparisons

Working with SMART is like having traffic rules: common guidelines make drivers cooperate – everyone is safer and the traffic moves efficiently. 

If all your teams use the SMART methodology consistently, you’ll get positive collaboration, transparent calculations and drastically reduced model risk. Your decision makers will be able to compare financial models for different projects on a like-for-like basis. Your teams can re-use modules, supporting fast yet robust development. Your quality assurance processes will take a fraction of the time.

Rapid scenario analysis

Flexibility to play out every scenario your business is facing

Rapid scenario analysis

To be truly useful, many financial models need to evaluate different outcomes in a range of business scenarios. This type of analysis supports complex strategic financial decisions, where outcomes will be affected, to different degrees, by a number of drivers. Successful scenario analysis depends on the underlying model having: full flexibility in all key drivers, robust timing architecture and transparent calculation blocks. 

SMART addresses all these factors. It’s the perfect financial modelling standard for rapid and robust scenario analysis.

Full technical flexibility for analysts in any industry

Tailored for large investment decisions, SMART also works well for corporate forecasting or technical analysis

Full technical flexibility for analysts in any industry

Overly restrictive rules can limit the analytical insights available to financial modellers. SMART gives analysts full flexibility to address any analytical requirement, in any potential business situation, in their specific industry sector. Highly robust, SMART builds a foundation, scaling up smaller models to enterprise level consolidation, while still maintaining quality.

That’s why SMART is deployed in live projects across the globe every week.