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Nick Crawley

Is UK solar doomed to be a cottage industry?

Theo West’s article about the introduction of feed in tariffs in the UK was recently published in the Infrastructure Journal (IJ).

In his article Theo discusses the troubled introduction of feed in tariffs including the uncertainty created by Energy Secretary Chris Huhne upon the announcement of a comprehensive review of the tariffs and how the UK introduction compares to the introduction in Germany and Spain.

He also discusses the implications for the solar industry at large, whether the current pipeline of large scale solar projects can be kept alive and the legal recourses available for active solar projects facing this sudden and crippling change of terms.

Its an interesting read, make sure to read the full article here.

Navigator is a proud supporter of The Infrastructure Journal with more articles waiting to be published in upcoming months. Infrastructure Journal is an online intelligence service that tracks global market activity and delivers insight into the vast and complex Infrastructure Finance industry including the latest regulatory developments, new deal structures and emerging markets.

Theo’s second article – in a series of four for The Infrastructure Journal – ‘The Black Swans of Hydro Dams’, is soon to be published – watch this space for details.

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