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Caroline Wiroth

Strategic merger – Navigator and Corality form the Corality Financial Group

The strategic merger of Navigator Project Finance and Corality into the Corality Financial Group is a decisive move to accelerate company growth by offering the industry’s most complete set of analytical consulting, training and advisory services. The merger will leverage the strengths of both companies to increase market share through a greater service offering and a larger consulting team including experts in project finance, banking, strategy, mathematics, engineering, accounting, actuarial and physics. The merger also focuses heavily on international expansion through both companies’ existing offices in London and Singapore.

Nick Crawley of Navigator Project Finance has been appointed Managing Director for the Corality Financial Group and Rickard Wärnelid from Corality Global Head of Business Development.

Greater market share and improved efficiency

In addition to the clear strategic benefits of combining two highly complementary organisations and service offerings, the merger means greater market share and improved efficiencies. The Corality Financial Group is set out to service a number of industry sectors including investments, corporate finance, project finance / PPP, private equity, risk, strategy, operations, commercial, accounting and training.

Client benefits – extended service offering, increased global market penetration

The merger offers many direct benefits for clients. The Corality Financial Group will have a larger and broader set of specialist consultants available to assist on each project and the rapid growth strategy means an extended service offering as well as increased global market penetration.

“I believe the Corality Financial Group represents the industry’s most complete set of analytical consulting and training services in combination with commercial and financial advisory. We can assist our clients with everything from the initial review of current financial modelling processes to the development of tailored analytical tools. Our clients can truly involve us at any stage of any process especially for commercial and strategic advice for successful project development.” Nick Crawley, Managing Director

Global competitiveness and economies of scale

The merger will enhance Navigator’s competitiveness globally and facilitate the introduction of new services and new market growth.

“We know our clients value organisations that achieve the efficiencies that come with scale. By merging Navigator and Corality we achieve this. We will continue delivering exceptional client service; this merger will enhance our consultative approach as well as accelerate our global growth.” Nick Crawley, Managing Director

Future focus – growing the industry’s most complete set of analytical consulting services

The creation of the Corality Financial Group offers the opportunity to further extend the service offering and increase intra-client consulting. The combined expertise means the Corality Financial Group can offer the industry’s most complete set of analytical consulting services. To continue to build on the strong brand awareness of Navigator Project Finance, the Corality Financial Group will initially consist of two brands, Corality and Navigator Project Finance.

The Corality Financial Group is set out to build a world class consulting company and increase market share globally.

“We have some very ambitious targets ahead of us. We are in the process of implementing a new recruitment strategy with the aim to increase staff headcount by 30% in 2011. I also want to build our brand and client base globally and enhance our presence in Europe and Singapore plus we are committed to climbing the BRW Fast 100 list – next year I aim to be in the top 20!” Rickard Wärnelid, Global Head of Business Development

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