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Daniel Jordi

Mining Investors ‘n’ Explorers Show, Sydney 2011

The Mining Investors ‘n’ Explorers Show, Sydney 2011 (MInES Sydney 2011 for short) is a brand new event with a unique international focus. The two day conference was held at the Hilton in Sydney, July 4-5, bringing together the mining and finance communities at one of the best conference facilities in Sydney.

Haydn Palliser, an Associate at Navigator, gave a presentation titled “Mining Finance – Appetite and Challenges in Asia Pacific” on Tuesday 5 July. Haydn works in Navigator’s Project Advisory team and brings a wealth of experience in structuring and financing mining projects. Haydn presented for 20 minutes on

  • The current finance sector appetite in Asia Pacific
  • Financing options for mining projects
  • The current challenges and opportunities facing explorers seeking financing
  • How to maximise your chance of success with project financing

Please feel free to peruse the presentation.

The two day summit addressed the following issues to investors and mining companies

  • Raise the profile of a mining project within the investor community
  • Gain perspectives from investors on criteria they use to assess your project
  • Network with financiers and investors, including investors from US, Europe and Asia, including countries of increasing outbound investment, such as China, India and Korea
  • Assess project financing options, including which stock exchange to list on
  • Learn how to raise finance for your project and access hidden sources of capital
  • Hear about the newest investment opportunities in the mining sector globally
  • Forecast commodity prices to ensure you make the best investment choice
  • Learn about sovereign risks in various jurisdictions and countries known for ease of doing business
  • Minimise investment risks and maximise return on investment
  • Learn about regulatory developments impacting investment decisions, including mining taxes

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