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Rickard Warnelid

Make Excel history and win a free financial modelling course!

At Corality we’ve always been very good with numbers and the presentation of numbers in static financial models. We have, however, not yet fully mastered the challenge of smooth rendering of moving objects in Excel. No surprise really as Excel wasn’t designed to do this in the first place – but we think it should and we need your help to make it happen!

Here is a rough example of what we would like to do (remember to enable macros).

Excel competition

Watch out Steve Jobs!

This project has been inspired by the complete opposite of Excel when it comes to smoothness – the iPhone. Wouldn’t it be great if we could make Excel look and feel a bit more like the ‘i’-gadgets? We think so and that is why we’ve decided to launch a competition – we challenge you to help us out here!

The smoothest improvement suggestion wins eternal honour (yay!) and a free spot on one of our training courses in London, Singapore, Sydney or any other scheduled location. This is worth USD 2,900 so well worth giving a go!

Please email your suggestions to competition@corality.com or comment below with a link to your suggestion.

Come on, let’s make some Excel history and lets show Steve Jobs what Excel really can do – I know there is someone out there who can do this!

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