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Cathryn Fish

Financial Modelling for Mining Projects training

Corality Financial Group’s “Financial Modelling for Mining Projects” course has quickly become one of our most popular courses since being launched in August last year. “Financial Modelling for Mining Projects” was originally developed in response to numerous requests from clients in the mining sector, but interest has now spread to those in the finance industry who are keen to know more about the mining aspects of a project analysis.

Financial Modelling for Mining Projects is running in Perth on the 17 & 18 November and in Sydney on the 14 & 15 February 2012.

This intensive two day modelling course teaches you how to build a cashflow model for evaluating the economics of a mining project. You learn the core Excel and Scenario skills required to efficiently and professionally analyse, communicate and update the progress of a mining project. Developed and delivered by our experienced mining project modellers, this course shares with you the insights we have gained from working on numerous mining project models.

Financial Modelling for Mining Projects will enable you to:

  • Increase confidence in your financial models and Excel-based analysis
  • Build more efficient structures and reduce errors in your financial models
  • Become more productive in Excel (no more formatting or using the mouse)
  • Gain a better understanding of what select Excel functions to use or avoid
  • Harness the power of scenario management in your financial models

“This course benefits people from both the finance sector and the mining sector, giving them the financial modelling and Excel skills to effectively communicate and analyse a mining project.” – Kenny Chew, financial modelling trainer

The Gold Symposium Sydney – free mini workshops

We are always eager to share our knowledge and best practice modelling methodology. As well as the “Financial Modelling for Mining Projects” course, running in Perth next week and Sydney in February, Corality will be running mini workshops on best practice financial modelling for the resources sector at our booth at The Gold Symposium in Sydney, where we are an exhibitor this year. The Symposium is on at Luna Park in Sydney on the 14-15 November.

Corality’s global training schedule 2012

The increasing popularity of our “Financial Modelling for Mining Projects” course will see it offered in more cities in 2012. “Financial Modelling for Mining Projects” will run in Sydney, Perth, Singapore and London. Our wider range of specific and tailored public courses will appeal to a wider audience globally and we are already seeing an increase in demand with enquiries coming in from new sectors and regions. View Corality’s global training schedule.

SMART financial modelling

Corality Financial Group’s modelling training courses follow the SMART financial modelling methodology. The SMART financial modelling methodology emphasises transparency, flexibility and presentation and introduces rules that underpin how Excel can be used to achieve this. When followed these rules ensure you develop robust and flexible financial models that achieve not just their design but the objectives of all users.

Find out more about Corality Financial Group’s public training courses.

Join the ranks of successful modellers and start working smarter.

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