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Caroline Wiroth

Business Case Modelling Sydney – 6 & 7 December 2011

One of Corality’s most popular courses is our Business Case Modelling course which is scheduled for 6 & 7 December 2011 in Sydney. Relevant to financial modelers across a broad range of industries this course will help you enhance your modelling skills.

Our experienced trainers will teach you lour best practice modelling methodology, walk you through the task of building a financial model from scratch, and help you become more productive when working in Excel as well as running what-if analyses.

Topics covered

  • Best Practice“Methodology” and “Infrastructure”– the top 10 must do’s and don’ts
  • Setting up the inputs sheet, including different production cases and operational volumes
  • Modelling Operational Income and Operational Costs by setting up different production scenarios
  • Setting up integrated financial statements, calculating cashflow returns, NPV and IRR
  • Setting up sensitivity tables using 1D Data Tables and constructing a Scenario Manager
  • Creating the Executive Summary

Why you should attend on

  • 100% hands on – work through a case study of a car manufacturer faced with an opportunity to build an expansion facility.
  • Build a business case model from scratch that captures the essence of the earning activities of a business in a fashion that can be easily adapted and modified to include more revenue streams.
  • Learn how to value a business using Discounted Cashflow (DCF) method and Net Present Value (NPV), including different Terminal Value calculations.
  • Set up a framework to compare return calculations under different scenarios, feeding through to a summary sheet easily understandable by stakeholders.
  • End result – you come away learning useful Excel Tools that enable you to build a robust financial model.

Demo model

We adopt a model structure which emphasises transparency and usability.

The following screenshot presents the “Inputs” section of the model.

The following screenshot shows the Scneario Manager within the model.


During the recent CPA Congress, Corality provided a best practice Excel demo model. You can download the Excel demo model – as well as our Excel shortcut cheat sheet, the SMART modelling methodology manual, and an Excel Styles add-in.

Further information

If you are interested in this course, please check our website for details about upcoming courses. Feel free to call us if you’re interested in more detailed information about this course.

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